Passport Act

Passport Act of India gives all the details of the laws that an individual needs to follow. Its the judiciary that judges all people who apply and seek other details. Any individual can refer it as it contains of all relevant rules and law that guide for the details pertaining to passport application forms in India and Non-Residential [...]

Online Passport Application Forms

An individual can apply for Passport through Online Passport Application Forms registration. Click on Online Registration Fill in all details as per inidivdual Take print outs of the Passport Application Forms Fill the Passport Application Forms keeping in mind the following 1. Use Block / Capital letters 2. Use Blue / Black pen only 3. [...]

Passport Application Forms for Minors

Applicant (Minor’s) applying for Passport should attach 1. Declaration stating about the applicant (is Minor), attach Annexure H, Annexure C, Annexure G, Annexure I based of situation / circumstance. 2. Attested photocopy of Parent’s Passport (Any Parent) 3. A Sworn affidavit by the parent resident abroad attested by the Indian Mission along with affidavit from [...]

How to fill Passport Application Forms

FILLING UP THE PASSPORT APPLICATION FORMS Paste a photo in the Passport Application forms first page. (Recent color Photo showing full face, size 3.5cm x 3.5cm) Paste two photos in the Passport Particulars Forms with cross signature half on form other half on Photo. Fill the Payment Details for fees. Signature (Blue / Black pen [...]

Lost / Damaged Passport

Applicant have to fill the passport application forms and submit with following 1. Original FIR copy filed at nearest Police Station 2. First and last four of old passport. 3. Address proof if there is any Change in Address 4.Affidavit with details stating how and where the passport got lost/damaged Annexure ‘L Fees Passport Application [...]

Passport Renewal

Passport Renewal is a process that involves the following steps The old passport original copy with self attested photocopy of the few pages of the original copy like the first and last four pages, including the ECR / ECNR page. Three colored Recent photographs – passport size showing frontal view of full face. If the previous passport was issued [...]

Change of Name Passport Application Forms

After Marriage, Remarriage or Divorce Any Woman applying for Change of Name / Surname after marriage in existing Passport should apply with 1. Photocopy of Husband’s Passport. 2. Marriage Certificate (issued by Registrar of Marriage or an Affidavit from Husband and Wife along with a joint Photograph (Annexure D). Any Divorcees applying for Change of [...]

Tatkal Passport Application Forms

Now an individual can apply for Passport under Tatkal Passport Scheme This facility is applicable only in case of emergency under certion limitations The Tatkal Passport Schemes are limited to: Applicants on First in First out basis only i.e. FIFO. Even the issue of passports under this scheme is limited as per the Tatkal Quota. It Takes [...]

Check List Passport Application Forms

Passport Application Forms are submitted by individual using some kind Proofs or Legal evidence attached with it. CHECK LIST of required documents Residence Proof Aadhar Card Ration card Telephone bill Electricity bill Income tax assessment order Voter ID card Gas connection bill Parent’s passport copy (Minor Passport applicant) Note: All the above documents should be Attested [...]