Lost / Damaged Passport

By | September 18, 2013

Applicant have to fill the passport application forms and submit with following

1. Original FIR copy filed at nearest Police Station

2. First and last four of old passport.

3. Address proof if there is any Change in Address

4.Affidavit with details stating how and where the passport got lost/damaged Annexure ‘L


Passport Application Forms Rs 2500/-

For Tatkal Passport Scheme, additional fees of Rs 2500/-

If the passport is damaged, then individual has to fill Form No.1, along with 2 different Address Proofs, also Affidavit and the damaged Passport, with a photocopy of it.


In case Lost / Damaged passport that was issued by other Passport Office / Missions aboard, duplicate passport will be issued after necessary clearance from Original Pasport Issuing Authority. The validity of New Passport will be for 10 Years from date of issue.


Annexure L

Download Passport Application Forms 

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