Passport Application Forms for Minors

By | September 22, 2013

Applicant (Minor’s) applying for Passport should attach

1. Declaration stating about the applicant (is Minor), attach Annexure H, Annexure C, Annexure G, Annexure I
based of situation / circumstance.

2. Attested photocopy of Parent’s Passport (Any Parent)

3. A Sworn affidavit by the parent resident abroad
attested by the Indian Mission along with affidavit from parent residing in India as well be submitted with Passport Application Forms, if any one parent is residing aboard.

For Adopted Children

1. An Original / Valid copy of Adoption deed that is registered as per Indian laws.

2. If the Minor is Muslim, Christian or Parsi, then the Order copy by Court granting the Guardianship and permission allowing the child to be
taken out of India

3. A copy of the Guarantee executed before the Indian Court concerned.


Rs. 1000/- is applicable for a 36 pages passport


Annexure C ( Single Parents not divored or wedlock)

Annexure G (Single Parent or Legal Guardian)

Annexure I ( If Minor is between 15-18 years old & applying for 10 years validity or Parents do not hold an Valid Indian Passport). Even Minors can apply for passport through Tatkal Passport Scheme, by same procedure that is applicable for adults.

Download Passport Application Forms 

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